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aviCD at version 1.0RC5
"Don't you hate the way you have to enter complicated command lines every 30 minutes when you're creating an avi (divx) cd? Well this program automates it."


We have a new developer on the project-- Michael Wray. He has an outstanding computer programming profile, and we hope the project will move along with even better features and cleaner code. Welcome Michael! We are still looking for a couple people to help out. See the developers page for more info...

Well, as you can certainly see, the web site has been deployed! Look here for all aviCD updates, news, downloads, and all other information about the project. Stay tuned to this web site to see the development of the project!

Project aviCD is looking for people to fill some positions! A Linux to Windows Perl porter, a Perl code cleaner and debugger, and a document writer. Please visit the project page (http://sourceforge.net/projects/avicd) for more information.
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This program is licensed under the GPL.