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February.24.2003  aviCD Moving!
Project was accpeted at http://sourceforge.net.

February.23.2003  Bug in aviCD?
I have some new stuff, enough for a realese, but I?m having a slight problem that I want resolved before I realese a new version. Free sample:

bq #avicd file1.avi file2.avi
You need a title: file (so far, so good)
(lots o? work scrolls by)
(weird warnings about undefined stuff, lists line numbers that are just brackets)
(Making iso?)
Press a key, or ctrl-c to pend
(at this point if I hit ctrl-c, the iso goes into the void, but if I press ?any? key it works nicely)


February.21.2003  aviCD 1.0RC5
- multi avi file mode now official and you can have more then one directory after -multi, for those of us who are "organized"
- some pretty nifty multi mode detection (try avicd and then your favorite season dir)
- code cleanups, especcially with the base directory

Extended Entry:
I think it's reaching that time when I move this over to a full fledged sourceforge project, because I really need someone to port it to windoze and someone to 'use strict' it.

February.19.2003  aviCD 1.0RC4
New Features:
- kinda almost multiple avi support (-multi)
- config file (check ~/.avicd after running)

Extended Entry:
Remember when I said no new features? Well, I lied.

February.17.2003  aviCD 1.0RC3
That's right, kids. Release Canidate 3, this one pretty much got all the features in it that I want, so from now on it's all debuging.
- Queueing support! In fact it's now the default action, it's almost like I have a UI!

Extended Entry:
Update: Here's a nicer packed version

February.15.2003  aviCD 1.0RC2
-New ASCII database with sorting!
-Fixed bug where using files with relative pathnames failed
-Code cleanups

February.13.2003  aviCD 1.0RC1
-Convert DVDs to an avi cd (divx)
-Make up to two avi files fit on one CD and burn it
-All this can be fully automated, write a quick shell script to convert a directory over night
-Database of some sort (if just txt) of stuff we have burned
-avi cd with more then one avi on it

Extended Entry:
After about a week of afternoons working on it, my first script that could almost be called a program. It's beautiful.
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