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About aviCD

"Don't you hate the way you have to enter complicated command lines every 30 minutes when you're creating an avi (divx) cd? Well this program automates it."

aviCD was designed to bring you an easy interface to be able to take your avi files, and turn them into CDs. It creates the ISO image file, so that you are ready to burn!

What AviCD does:
1. Turn any one/two movie file(s) (readable by Mplayer) into an avi (divx) CD
2. Turn a DVD into an avi (divx) CD
3. Maintain a database of these CDs in ASCII (text) files
What AviCD doesn't do:
1. Any of the actual brute force work, that is taken care of by Mplayer and avimerge (from transcoder)
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This program is licensed under the GPL.